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Saint Lucy celebration at
Sacred Heart Church

Saint Lucy

All over the world the virgin and martyr St. Lucy is invoked as the protectress against eye trouble. In art and sculpture she is usually represented holding her eyes on a tray; one medieval artist, Franscesco del Cossa, showed her holding a twig on which her eyes were the blossoms.

The most popular legends say that the pagan tyrant of Syracuse, Paschasius, had Lucy's eyes put out when she resisted the evil designs he had upon her, or that she herself pulled them out to present them to an unwelcome suitor who was enamored of their beauty. In either case, the legend continues, St. Lucy's eyes were miraculuously restored to her, more beautiful than ever.

The oldest documents tell us that St. Lucy was born in Syacuse, Sicily, died about 304 A.D. and that she has been venerated from time immemorial. She is invoked in the Canon of the Mass. Her Feast is observed on December 13th.

Here at Sacred Heart we celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy with an Italian Mass. This Mass will be celebrated on December 13th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. and will be followed by traditional Italian refreshments in the Parish Center. All are welcome!!